May 26, 2003

Sarah: Fashion Victim

Driving around running errands today, I found myself stuck behind a red Jeep with three Abercrombie bumper stickers. Not one. Or two. THREE ABERCROMBIE STICKERS!!!! So, I know that I can sometimes be overly cynical, but I think the MALE driver of this Jeep could have done with a little more cynicism. Oh, and Happy Memorial Day. Speaking of which, do you think we're being jilted by not having some sort of Memorial Day fairy? Perhaps a Memorial Day Ghost Of Days Past. That could bring us presents. Memorial Day themed candy could be little headstones, or marshmallow flowers. Like little Peeps bouquets or something. Not that I'm promoting the commercialization of one more holiday, sucking any meaning out of it by cutifying it with dewey eyed creatures loaded down with treats to fatten our already overweight American society. I was just trying to get the younger generation involved with Memorial Day, okay?!? Jerk.

Posted by sarah at May 26, 2003 09:58 PM
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