March 22, 2006

Sarah: I continue to amaze myself with my own lack of penis.

My spam begs the question "Why have a Small Weenie When you can Have a Fat Kobassa?"

Why, indeed.

Edited to add a conversation resulting from this post:
Armando: Sarah. Your mom isn't going to like that at all.
Sarah: Dude. She will laugh harder than anyone. Your insistence that she is some sort of saint is tiring.
A:Isnt it Kielbasa? Polish sausage I assume you mean. I may have spelled it wrong, I haven't been in NYC in awhile.
S: Yes, that is what it SHOULD be, but my spam spelled it the way I blogged it.
A: Make sure you add that stuff. Makes it funnier, for me at least.

Posted by sarah at March 22, 2006 11:33 AM
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