Comments: Sarah: 2008 Cooking Adventure, Week 19

I hate the word "moist" too....really, that is my least favorite word (along with Panties)....I knew we had a lot it must be and Anderson thing.

Posted by Megan at June 22, 2008 11:11 PM

I'm so glad you tried this cake recipe! It's one of my go-to favorites. I've also had trouble with cooking bundt cakes long enough. Sometimes it's so hard to know if they're done. Glad you were able to enjoy this anyway! And you made me laugh- i know a lot of people who hate the word moist. Ha!

Posted by Joy the Baker at June 22, 2008 11:15 PM

HA! The problem with both of those words, Megan, is I haven't found a suitable replacement. I suppose you could say "underpants" but then I feel like I'm wearing giant white monstrosities with licensed cartoon characters splayed across them. And "damp" is also an unpleasant word, plus food can't be damp. Unless you've spilled water on it, I suppose.

Joy, thank you for visiting and thanks so much for the recipe!

Posted by sarah at June 23, 2008 09:16 AM

the ways you choose to spend your free time concerns me. In a good way. I would like to pitch an idea to Salt Lake public access, and it goes like this: you cook pastries in silence, and I sit in a lawn chair in the background (naked, of course). Upon conclusion of the desert preparation, I dress myself and consume product, while you take over on the lawn chair. I am not sure where this is going, but hopefully I have given you some things to think about. Wait: did I mention that there will be livestock involved?

Posted by dakota fanning at June 24, 2008 02:44 AM

So glad you found inspiration via TasteSpotting! We will be back up shortly to continue inspiring you...Thanks for the love!

Posted by love, tastespotting at June 25, 2008 01:53 PM