Comments: Sarah: Pretending to be too busy to blog

It's part of western culture to put up seasonal decorations a few seconds after the previous holiday/thing has passed. It's what makes us great. (Even if that means we have to put up with it for half a year.) Go with the flow, I say. I know I've been eating peppernuts for a month and a half now and traditionally these are for saint nicholas day (5 december) in holland. (Recipe here:
I must add that in Holland you're considered nuts if you make them yourself instead of buying them at the supermarket like sane people do.

Posted by Harold at November 22, 2003 03:45 PM

I agree with you that we all seem to put up decorations, specifically for Christmas, as soon as the previous holiday is finished. This I have no problem with. But they couldn't wait until the day after Thanksgiving (mmm... turkey...), but had to start in right after Halloween. That is what seemed extreme. Thanks for commenting! No one ever does!

Posted by Sarah at November 23, 2003 11:13 PM

I know I have taken a bizarre turn toward domesticity in the last few months, but it has been killing me to wait to get out the Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Blake put his foot down about that one. I think the problem is that Halloween decorations are fun and Christmas decorations are pretty, but Thanksgiving decorations are just plain ugly. Turkeys, gourds, cornucopias, and lots of brown and orange? Please.

Posted by lisa at November 24, 2003 09:26 AM