Comments: Sarah: 2008 Cooking Adventure, Week 22

Wow, what a fabulous gesture. Where did you get the idea?

Posted by Michelle Glauser at August 18, 2008 11:41 PM

People have been talking about chocolate covered bacon on a lot of the food blogs I hang out on. And there are a few shops that sell it, too. Good to see you, Michelle!

Posted by sarah at August 19, 2008 08:52 AM

From now on I'm approaching YOU with extreme trepidation.

Posted by Dave at August 19, 2008 01:38 PM

I would give my right eye and the right eyes of several unsuspecting coworkers for one piece of that chocolate-covered bacon.

Posted by Spinch at August 19, 2008 03:45 PM

i'm wary of this recipe. because i don't think chocolate and bacon should go together in the same meal. but... i'm glad you're brave.

Posted by stace at August 19, 2008 10:19 PM

Im so sorry- but no matter how hard I try.............I just cant see this as being a "Tasty" thing. Chocolate........and bacon????? Kinda gives me the heebie jeebies when I think about it.

Posted by Jen at August 20, 2008 01:46 PM