Comments: Sarah: I love your funny face

I think it went more like this.

Sarah: I think we should watch Funny Girl tonight.
Lisa: Funny Girl?
Sarah: Oops. I mean Party Girl.
Lisa: That's OK, we could watch Funny Girl if you want. It's a classic!

Lisa: [singing] "S'wonderful, s'marvelous!"
Sarah: I guess, if you're a big Barbra fan.

Lisa: What?
Sarah: What?

Lisa: Oh, I was thinking of Funny Face!
Sarah: Oh, yeah, I guess that is a classic.
Lisa: Oh, oh! Funny Girl's the one that goes [singing, with spirit fingers] "Isn't this the height of nonchalance, ordering a bed in restaurants!"

Anyway, I love you too. And we still need to watch Party Girl.

Posted by lisa at January 12, 2004 09:23 AM