Comments: Lisa: The world is round? Nonsense!

Tell that to my floormate who is also "on the Atkins diet." He eschews fruits because of their high-carb content and eats many greasy sausages and meatballs. Oh, and of course, tons of cheese. Too many people approach the Atkins diet as "cut all carbs, ignore fat and grease content." And this seems to be the most common "Atkins diet" around, the reason I deem it "stupid and foolish." Your "Atkins dietary lifestyle" seems sensible, but I just can't imagine endorsing ANYTHING that condemns fruit! Oranges! Apples! Bananas! Grapes!

Several years ago, I cut out fast food from my life, and I lost a fair amount of weight. And the great part is that I CAN'T gain it back. Greasy food makes me nauseous, and the items come back up. I'm sure the oils in the food help for esophagal lubrication.

I could also never do the Atkins diet because... I "EW" at most meat. I can eat some fish, chicken, and turkey. All other meet really grosses me out.

But I have a friend whose dad is on the Atkins diet... But he's also vegan. So his meals now consist of tofu. Lots and lots of tofu.

Somebody take the cue for a pun here.

Posted by Gemini6ice at March 15, 2004 05:09 PM

It would be hard to stick to Atkins as a vegan--I'm afraid your friend's dad will get tired of the diet pretty fast. Just out of curiosity, is your floormate losing weight?

Posted by lisa at March 16, 2004 09:07 AM

I think he's gone down one or two pant sizes in the past year.

And I was looking for someone to say that my friend's dad is being "tofoolish."

Posted by Gemini6ice at March 17, 2004 12:05 AM