Comments: Lisa: matters to attend to posthaste (like, maybe as soon as Gilmore Girls is over)

Dude. You already tore your dryer hose?

Posted by Sarah at November 16, 2004 10:59 AM

Seriously. It was so torn when we moved in. I think.

Posted by lisa at November 16, 2004 01:14 PM

So, no one has a mini jackhammer? Maybe we can rent one from Home Depot.

Posted by lisa at November 24, 2004 10:30 AM

Ohmigosh! You've marked SO many things off of your list already!

You should be able to rent it from Home Depot. Get earplugs and an EXCELLENT face mask. Know where you gas lines and other floor plumbing are before you dig if possible. I'm not familiar with digging out old drains by I know that sewer gas coming up a dry drain can be pretty bad. Keep a big old rag tied with a string nearby to stuff in the drain when you get it even a tiny bit aren't going to want to chase after concrete that falls down that hole and tries to clog the drain, plus you're going to want to get it out later (hence, the string.)

If you have questions before you begin, hop over to the Breaktime Board and Fine Homebuilding and do a search in the Archives. If nothing comes up, ask the guys/gals there about this. They are extremely helpful and very experienced.

Take good care!

Posted by jm at December 3, 2004 08:22 AM