Comments: Sarah: Armando finally gets talked about, like he requested.

you forgot ALMANZO! its sticking it really is. Everybody puhlease call him that!

Posted by Jessie at January 2, 2006 04:23 PM

Dude. I am totally going to start calling him Almanzo.

Posted by lisa at January 2, 2006 08:41 PM

Just because my name isnt Squirtle and I'm not the size of a pokemon doesnt mean I get a nickname...and it wont stick. Just be thankful you're not called hobbit or something...hmm....

Posted by AC at January 3, 2006 10:11 AM

As clarification, Armando was NOT calling Jessie a hobbit. He has another "friend" that he "lovingly" calls a hobbit.

Posted by sarah at January 3, 2006 11:59 AM