Comments: Sarah: Nerdspeak

this is all true, but you forgot to mention how when they play role playing games, ten seconds of battle are dilated into three hours of playing time.
Player #1 (in nasally voice): so, in second three, my character is going to draw his light saber and attack the elves, which will inflict d4+6 damage, because i am wearing my rhinestone power belt, and pull out his crossbow and shoot at the dwarf, thusly inflicting d8+2 damage, and also throw the dagger he holds in his toes at the ebony dragon, and i will also drink my magic elixir which raises my hp +14, and i will also use my lockpicking ability to open the southern door.
Player #2: whatever! you only have +25 charisma!
Player #1: sorry, my crossbow will only inflict d8+1 damage, then.

....sorry, this was somehow all more amusing in my head.

Posted by dave at June 7, 2003 05:02 PM