Comments: Lisa: Training, Week 5 (and assorted ruminations)

Another thing the book said, which I've used a little, is the "Come along with me" thought. Like, when it gets a little tough, think "Hello, eyeball-seeking rain! Come along and run with me!"
It's still annoying to run up that hill or get rain in your eyes, but at least you can feel like you are acknowledging those parts of your run in a positive way.

The author also relates his feelings about the pain in his muscles while training. At first, he was thinking "This hurts because I'm out of shape," but when he got more into the training, his legs still hurt but he told himself "that pain is my muscles getting stronger." I think that's helpful, to remind yourself that the pain in my chest or the sore muscles are my body getting stronger and more efficient.


Posted by sarah at March 27, 2006 03:43 PM

Also, Jamba = tasty.
And I've now had Propel fitness water. The verdict: Has sort of a gross sweet/fake aftertaste, but is pretty good for flavored water... I would probably opt for just plain water, though, as I don't believe it's anywhere near as potent as Gatorade.

Posted by sarah at March 29, 2006 10:23 AM