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"Disposability" - easily disposed of; not essential. See also "Library Guy"

Posted by Sarah's dictionary of little known/nonexistent terms at July 25, 2003 05:32 PM

so there's a guy who always wears a fanny pack when he comes to my film class, and he also pulls one of those suitcases with the wheels and extendable handle. he always sits on the front row and asks questions like, "how come the ninja turtles have names of famous artists?" and he's the only one who talks or answers questions in the class, so i think my professor is probably overwhelmed with doubt about his self-worth, like "i dedicate my life to imparting my hard-earned experience to these people, but it falls on ignorant ears!" No, mr. film professor, someone is listening!

Posted by dave at July 26, 2003 10:27 AM

wow, sarah, you've been watching labyrinth forever. i mean, i know it's a huge, multilayered masterpiece of....well, something, but i think too much david bowie could be harmful to your health.

luv, dave

Posted by dave at July 28, 2003 10:31 AM

I think I met the fanny pack library guy! Does he talk really slowly and deliberately? If so, he's a volunteer at the Main library now. I met him at the orientation I went to for my internship. Also, he is NOT a librarian.

Posted by lisa at January 20, 2004 10:21 AM