Comments: Lisa: In which I try to bore you to death with completely insignificant details.

Wow. I hope you're pregnant because that room looks like a nursery. A fantastic, whimsical, sweet, adventureful (I know it's not a word!)nursery. It would just be silly as a game room with a full bar. mmmmmm full bar.

Posted by Jeremy at August 28, 2007 03:36 PM

It looks awesome! I totally put those diapers in that wooden box. I'm excited to see you, little baby!

Posted by sarah at August 28, 2007 03:37 PM

How freaking cute! I think that just set my biological clock off and my ovaries exploded a little. I can't believe this time next month you are going to have a baby!

Posted by Marci at August 28, 2007 03:40 PM

My goodness. Your ovaries exploded a little. That sounds like a cyst. I'm no obstenacologist, but I would seriously get a ovarpeekascopy.

Posted by Jeremy at August 28, 2007 03:44 PM

The boppy pillow is my best friend. If you haven't watched The Happiest Baby on the Block dvd with Blake yet, now is the time.

Posted by Emily at August 29, 2007 08:39 AM

If you change your mind and decide you want a rumpus room instead of a nursery, I totally saw a PSA today that is for you:

In case you can't view it (or viewed it but don't get it), let me sum up: if you have a baby and don't want it, don't leave it in a broken-down car in the woods -- BECAUSE BABIES CAN'T FIX CARS AND EVEN IF THEY COULD, THEY CAN'T DRIVE. Unless the car is an automatic.

Oh, and the other point of the PSA? You can drop off your baby at a hospital and walk away. No questions asked (nobody has to ask questions, because we're all in the same rumpus-room-lovin' boat).

And no, they don't have a similar service for dropping off your husband. Ovilla checked.

Posted by Dave at August 29, 2007 04:00 PM

Can I say ditto to Marci?? I'm so excited for you Lis! also, I may still have like 10 or so onezies (onesies? onezees?) sitting on my shelf... I can see them right this second..I will give them to you soon. I promise!

Posted by Mallory at August 29, 2007 11:10 PM