April 30, 2003

Lisa: Update on THROTC

Well, it did get worse from there. I called the night manager, and he came and took the grody food away. He promised to leave a note for the housekeeping staff, but he did NOT offer me another room. Later that night, I discovered that my sheet had some sort of red goo stuck on it and that my toilet seat was covered with nasty pee and pubic hair. I laid in bed on the side farthest from the goo and tried not to cry. Okay, I cried.

Anyway, I told the next manager on duty about the new problems, and he promised to add them to the note for Housekeeping. HOWEVER, when I returned from the conference yesterday evening, my sheets had not been changed and the toilet had not been cleaned! I told the night manager (the same one who was on duty Sunday night) about this oversight, and he promised to take care of it PERSONALLY, as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I went to ShopKo to buy various important items I had forgotten to pack (and the 24 DVDs!). I returned to find that nothing at all had changed in my room. I called the night manager (Jonathan) again, and he apologized profusely, calling me HONEY several times. I cannot stand people calling me honey, especially people MY OWN AGE!!!! Whew. Anyway, I asked him if he would just bring me a clean set of sheets that I could put on by myself. He did, but did not offer to put them on or clean my toilet or move me to another room. Also, he brought two top sheets and no pillowcases.

I may find myself taking advantage of the 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. But then would my work get the money back, since they are paying for the hotel? THEY didn't have to sleep with goo!

On the upside: The conference is good and the other participants are very nice. I spent $100 at ShopKo and loved every minute of it.

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Posted by lisa at April 30, 2003 12:07 AM

Whatever your work is paying you, it is not enough. Report this hotel to the Better Business Bureau. Also, are you bringing me back a present? Kidding. Really. Be strong, and curse profusely at everyone working at the hotel.

Posted by: Sarah on April 30, 2003 04:53 PM

this is my first comment on your notorious web logg. looks nice, but i just got depressed when i read your latest posting. don't worry, the karma police are sure to have some great stuff coming your way, like some counseling or something. my latest fortune cookie said "you will continue to take chances and be glad you did." i don't know what that has to do with you, but it sounded like a good portent.

Posted by: dave on May 5, 2003 11:19 AM
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