March 05, 2005

Lisa: Atomic Age Apron

A while back, on a 99-cent pattern day at Jo-Ann's, I picked up this retro apron pattern.

Since I believe not actually needing to use an item shouldn't stop you from making it, I took advantage of a Presidents' Day fabric sale to pick up this sweet fabric combo. The one with the bubble/dot things on it is seersucker, the pink is a linen-look fabric for the lining, and the trim is a lime-green velvet ribbon.

The pattern only took me a few sessions to sew, and it was pretty easy to figure out. I think this might be the best sewing I have ever done--my gathers lined up exactly right and my stitching stayed even right on the edge of the trim, and everything. I even learned how to sew on buttons and put in buttonholes on my sewing machine!

Anyway, here's the apron in all its neon-colored retro glory. Now I guess I'll have to find something to cook. In heels.

Posted by lisa at March 05, 2005 05:39 PM
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