March 21, 2006

Lisa: Boston, Day 1

This week I am in Boston for the Public Library Association national conference. Here's my first daily report!

Security was terrible at the Salt Lake City airport, which meant that I barely made my plane, and that my luggage did not. Nevertheless, I got to the gate in time and everything was fine. Janell (another children's librarian from Whitmore) and I watched Pride and Prejudice on my laptop on the plane, but the battery crapped out with ten minutes still to go (wah!). We got to Boston around 4:30 pm, and successfully found the hotel via bus and subway.

We stayed at the Hotel at MIT, which was AWESOME. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures...

Here's sort of a dark close-up on the throw blanket:

A wall sconce out in the hallway that resembles a microchip:

The lounge downstairs:

We ate a tasty dinner at the Asgrave, a sort of Irish pub right next to the hotel, and then walked down to Harvard Square. Most of the shops were closed, but we were able to go into the Harvard Bookstore, the Harvard Coop, and Urban Outfitters. We took the subway back to the hotel to get out of the cold and got into bed. My suitcase got delivered at about 1:30 am, alleviating my fear that I'd have to go to workshops the next day with no makeup, wearing the dirty clothes I wore on the plane.

To be continued!

Posted by lisa at March 21, 2006 10:30 PM

That blanket is awesome! *waves hello from across the Charles*

Posted by: Gemini6Ice on March 27, 2006 08:20 PM

I agree with Gemini6Ice. Very awesome. I love how cute that themed room is... not ugly, just cool! Also, does that contraption in the last lounge picture work? Because it should.

Posted by: sarah on March 28, 2006 02:11 PM

It's just a sculpture, I think, but I admit I didn't try to move/work it. There was another really cool one at the reception desk (called Icarus), but I was too embarassed to take a picture with the employees watching.

Posted by: lisa on March 28, 2006 04:44 PM
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