November 04, 2006

Lisa: Turkey Dinners

Background: Sarah has the charming but somewhat inexplicable tradition of buying Christmas panties from Old Navy every December. She wears them all year round. I think it is obvious to everyone that I, as part of my sisterly duties, am obligated to tease her about said Christmas panties.

Lisa: I am so sorry about your baggy wedgie. You should stop at Old Navy for some Thanksgiving panties.
Sarah: I hate you.
Lisa: No, I was serious! You should! And I'm sure the Halloween panties are on supa sale.
Sarah: Dude... DO YOU THINK THAT OLD NAVY WOULD HAVE PANTIES THAT HAD A FAN OF MULTICOLORED FEATHERS ON THE BACK?? Because that would be cute. Plus, then you could shake your tail feathers. I'm just saying.
Lisa: HA! That? Was brilliant. Victoria's Secret sells holiday panties with like Santa fur and stuff on them. They should totally sell Thanksgiving ones with feathers.
Sarah: And they could also sell a... sexy pilgrim hat? A bra with some sort of pilgrim collar?
Lisa: Heeeeeee. Besides, Puritan lingerie is the ultimate oxymoron!
Sarah: Yes, like someone says "is nothing sacred?" And we say NO!
Lisa: Do people really care about keeping the Puritan tradition sacred? Just wondering.
Sarah: Lisa. We could make a whole line of Thanksgiving underwear. A pair could just say across the butt, "You SHOULD be thankful!"
Lisa: Or it could say, "Thanks but no thanks!" Or, "No, thank YOU!" Or, (OR!!!!) "Thanky Panky."
Sarah: I hope you are saving all of this somewhere.
Lisa: Seriously.

Posted by lisa at November 04, 2006 11:14 AM

It isn't a tradition PER SE. More of an annual realization that I need new underwear.

Posted by: sarah on November 3, 2006 11:58 AM

I bought Xmas panties at Vicki's Secret but I only wear them during December. There is no good reason why. On the plus side they are still like new. I may still be wearing them for Xmas at the old folks home.

Posted by: Pamela on November 3, 2006 07:07 PM
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