April 16, 2007

Sarah: Marci's new job is to entertain me.

Sarah: I love my white board, but I'm fairly sure I'm getting high off marker fumes. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOO!
Marci: Ooh can I join in the fun?
S: I recommend the black marker. It seems to have the strongest fumes, but not the most pleasant smell. The smell of the red and blue are better. And yes, I have five markers that I use. What of it?
M: Are they fruit scented?
S: THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. Mmmmmmmmmm that makes me think of elementary school.
M: I loved those markers.
S: ME TOO! Except I often colored the bottom of my nose on accident. I got a little overexcited.
M: Who hasn't. Though I think they encourage huffing.
S: That's probably true. Do they still make them?
M: I don't know. If they do, I need some.
S: We should investigate. And we could color in coloring books. It'd be awesome.
M: OH MY GOSH. I love that.
S: Ok, you + me = coloring. This weekend. Or possibly Thursday night, if we get bored at the baseball game.
M: We will have little activity kits.
S:In a big canvas bag, hopefully.
M: and some cheerios.

S: MEAT CAKE! You're welcome in advance.
M: I think I just threw up a little.
S: No. It. Is. Awesome.
M: That is so much meat.
S: Hee. That's what she said.

S: The urge to drink a can of Coke is very strong. Tell me it is wrong. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!
M: The Coke is all gone.
M: All gone.
M: I'm kidding.
S: Too late. My blood has leaked out.
M: Oh no, what about the carpet?
S: I'm slipping away into the sticky red pool of life at my feet.
M: ... With the nerds?

Yes. I dumped a small box full of nerds all over my office floor. There's nothing wrong with that.

Posted by sarah at April 16, 2007 03:08 PM

lol... I love you guys so much

Posted by: Mallory on April 16, 2007 11:37 AM

How would you like your cake, miss? Rare, Medium-rare, Medium or Well-done?

Posted by: Jeremy on April 16, 2007 12:45 PM

I totally want some meat cake

Posted by: Young Jeffrey on April 18, 2007 11:54 PM
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