March 22, 2012

Lisa: front porch fun

I wrote in 2008 and again last spring about ripping off our current front porch and awning and replacing it with something nicer and more welcoming. I'm ready to get serious about deciding what we want, figuring out how much it will really cost, and getting some plans rolling. Will you help?

The first photo is the front of our house when we bought it. The next three are fairly terrible Photoshop mockups of porch ideas I collected on Pinterest. First, we've got a pointed roof option with an arch over the door, white pillars supported by an asymmetrical wooden deck and wide stone steps leading to some irregular flagstones. The second has a small extended roof overhang supported by two big corbels, and a large stone base including low walls on each side. The third option has a little fenced-in front porch off to one side that's totally covered by a larger roof overhang. Check out the photos, and vote on your favorite one below! If you have another idea altogether or want to suggest a tweak to one of these three, share it in the comments.

Get the flash player here:

Next I want to go around our neighborhood photographing the porches I like, and do the same thing. Too creepy?

Posted by lisa at March 22, 2012 01:46 PM

I really like the first option! I think it ties in nicely with the pillars on the living room window (at least those look like's kind of hard to tell on this computer).

Posted by: Gabrielle on March 22, 2012 02:11 PM
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