November 04, 2003

Lisa: Suburban Legend

From a comment on this post at Defective Yeti:

Operator: "Hello, this is on-Star. How can I help you?"

Caller: "Umm...yes...this is weird, but...Someone is calling me, saying they're going to harm my children, but I'm in the Escalade, and I need to know where they really are so I can press charges."

Operator: "Ma'am! MA'AM! Get out of the vehicle! They are calling you from the FIFTH ROW FOLD DOWN SEAT!"

Thank you, Lost Poke, whoever you are. Thank you.

November 05, 2003

Sarah: Letter to Enya

Dear Enya,
Congratulations on your record sales and soothing chanting music. I have one small qualm with your lyrics. In some of your songs, like "Only Time" for example, you use a "dead" language of your own invention. What are your qualifications, I wonder, for a dead language? If a language must simply not exist in the current vernacular, then yours is perfectly legitimate. If, however, it had to exist as common language at some point in time, then your language does not fit this description. Personally, I am unsettled by the idea of individuals inventing languages and passing them off as those lost with the dying of some civilization. Although soothed by your music, should your fans continue to be duped in this way? I believe the time has come to liberate them from the cages of mistaken information and tell them this dirty secret. It is not a language at all, but peaceful noises. This language holds meaning only to you. Your fans will forgive you, and your career will not take a tragic turn. In fact, this could be a positive move for you. Perhaps sceptics like myself will appreciate your honesty and listen to your music for what it is, instead of despising it for what it is not. I trust you will make the right decision. Good luck in the future.

November 17, 2003

Lisa: Don't choose me to be your Secret-Keeper

Because it is KILLING me not to talk about this brilliant idea Blake and I have been cooking up, I am posting a few pictorial clues for Sarah to puzzle over.


I guess while I'm here, I should apologize (in case there's one person out there who cares) for being a horrible blogger. I have been trying to pass my classes, working, helping Blake apply to law school, starting a small business with my mom, and sewing my costume for Trilogy Tuesday(!). All caught up now? Good.

Sarah: I can see clearly now

Many of the lightbulbs in our apartment burnt out a few weeks ago. Tonight we replaced all ten dead bulbs with new lights. After I replaced seven (SEVEN!) lightbulbs in the vanity/hallway area, my roommate was amazed by how brightly lit the mirror area was. "Wow," she said, "now we can see ALL of our pimples!"

Hilarity ensued.

November 18, 2003

Lisa: a heart too soon made glad

When I posted my new "Listening To" CD yesterday, I remembered jamming to Weezer back in high school. Yeah, I fancied myself pretty hardcore. (HA!)

On another not-very-hardcore note, I have often thought that Weezer's "No One Else" was a tribute to the Robert Browning poem "My Last Duchess." I know that seems farfetched, but they're smart guys. Rivers Cuomo did attend Harvard, right? It could happen.

I say, read both and decide for yourself. At the very least, the two works share a similar (albeit jealous and misogynistic) sentiment.

Lisa: adumbrate

Today I encountered a word that was completely new to me. To commemorate this momentous occasion, I started a new category, "Word of the Day." I'm not sure why I called it that--a lack of creativity, maybe? I don't anticipate posting a new word every day, but I promise that when I DO post a word, it will be on a day.

Anyway, here's the word:


1. to foreshadow vaguely
2. a. to give a sketchy representation or outline of
b. to suggest or disclose partially
3. overshadow, obscure

(courtesy Merriam-Webster OnLine)

For the five-year-old inside all of us (everyone else has one too, right?), I would like to point out that "adumbrate" contains the word "dumb."

November 20, 2003

Lisa: Nobody sings in the library

If you have a second to watch a short video, and you really like books and/or musicals, you need to watch this.

On the other hand, if you want to watch a music video, but hate musicals and books, and just have a general feeling of apathy toward everything, then this is for you.

November 22, 2003

Sarah: Pretending to be too busy to blog

I know I haven't written anything lately, but I have an excuse! So, my semester is coming to a close in a few weeks, and I've had a lot of work due and tests in my classes. Alright, I haven't been as busy as Lisa, but who could be? The good news is that I'll be out of school for the holidays soon and I even have a job for December that will keep me busy while I'm at the parents house for Christmas. Hurray for earning money and not going stir-crazy. Also, I'll be better about blogging. Promise.

How do you feel about Christmas decorations in early November? Right after Halloween, a few of my roommates wanted to put up all of their Christmas decorations around the apartment. I, along with two of my other roommates, strongly objected to this plan. We eventually compromised with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling until after Thanksgiving. I like Christmas as much as the next person, but I just think it's a little excessive to decorate the day after Halloween. I'm hoping for some support from our legions of readers. Or at least our brother, who I think still checks us out once in a while.