September 01, 2004

Lisa: Everything is insane

1. I got the job at the library (WOOOHOOOO!!!) and I start September 13th.
2. Blake and I have met with our realtor twice and have been prequalified for a home mortgage.
3. My mom just took out a line of credit for our business, and we are rushing to finalize things with the manufacturer in time to fill our first order.
4. I ordered a Scion xA.
5. I started crocheting a poncho last night around midnight. Because...?

It is obviously a time for new beginnings. And a time for increased chance of stress-related illness or accident. I am planning to take deep breaths, drink lots of Diet Coke, and attempt to form coherent thoughts.

September 12, 2004

Sarah: A Long Awaited Return

My slacking over the summer was inexcusable, and I apologize. I would have posted earlier, however, but when you live in a college town, all internet providers get slammed with students signing up for service all at once. Because the girls in my apartment (myself included) are of the lazy variety, it took us a few days to call and make an appointment, and then took them a few weeks to send someone out to get me jacked in (Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference!). The point of all this is that I now have the internet and am ready to be a regular poster of quality entries. Or at least a mediocre writer of sometimes kooky blogs.

In an excursion to downtown Salt Lake City, Lisa and I got photographic proof of the FRICTION BUMPING POST.

Many people have doubted me when I told them these recently be-flowered TRAX fixtures have such a potentially hilarious name, but I now can not be doubted.

September 16, 2004

Lisa: More of the Same

I don't really have anything new to report, just mostly updates on the same old things I have been talking about for the last little while.

Car: Instead of taking 5 more weeks, it looks like my Scion will be ready to pick up next week sometime. This is great for Blake, since he won't have to take the bus and/or beg rides from coworkers anymore, and only slightly bad for our home mortgage situation. Actually, I think we have it worked out so that everything will be fine--we're just using some of the cash we originally had earmarked for the car to pay closing costs on the house.

House: After several recent drive-bys, I have to say that I don't think the sellers are getting ready to move fast enough. They technically have until the end of October, but I keep hoping they will find a house to move into sooner, so that we can then move into their house sooner, and vacate our smoke-smelling, broken-window, plywood-patched-cement-stairs, water-always-running, tiny apartment (go into Cartman singing voice here) in the ghetto.

Job: Everything at the library is awesome. There is a huge banner still up in the children's section that says "Welcome Lisa." Everyone seems really nice. The library is only ten minutes from our new house (but unfortunately 25 minutes from our apartment). I am still getting used to things and learning everyone's names and where things are. Luckily, I don't have to start doing storytimes until October. They will be kind of intimidating and intense at first, but at least I have a little while to adjust to the new job before I have to start doing them.

Business: My mom and I went and bought a fax machine, printer, phones, Quickbooks software, and a bunch of other office supplies on my day off. Then we went to a meeting with our manufacturer and designer. The manufacturer has all of our fabric and the "markers," which I think are these sort of giant pattern layout things. We should have samples of two tops and two skirts (all in two fabrics) by next Tuesday, which means we can start taking pictures of the clothes, which means I can put the website online sometime next week. I'll be posting the address here as soon as it's ready for public consumption.

Update: the website is live! Check it out here.

Anyway, all of this is clogging up my thoughts and I haven't had a chance to do anything crafty or think of anything funny. Actually, though, now that I think of it, I finished crocheting my poncho and David and I pulled an awesome fake wedding invitation prank on his former girlfriend. I will have to post pictures and more info on those exciting events, to remind myself that I am not completely boring.

September 20, 2004

Lisa: Let's just crank that stress level up a notch

It looks like we may have to pay 3% down on our house, which would totally screw up our plans regarding the car, not to mention my precious front-loading washer and dryer. Cross your fingers for us (or touch the roof of your car when you go over railroad tracks, or whatever) that two years of school can stand in for two years of work in my current profession on the mortgage application.

Also, I took a few pictures of the house on yet another stealth-filled drive-by. To be posted here soon...

September 21, 2004

Sarah: Like anyone believes those "psychological disorders"

Sarah has taken a break from her busy eavesdropping schedule to bring you this conversation:
The players: A guy and two girls
The location: My period literature class, before the teacher had begun the lecture

Guy: ... First you need a bigger t.v.
Girl 1: I know. I want a bigger picture of that... I don't know who it is. It's called The Kiss?
Guy: Oh...
Girl 1: It's really beautiful.
Girl 2: I want a picture by Monet.
Girl 1: I'm not a big fan of Van Gogh.
Girl 1: I'm just not into that whole "I'm going to cut off my ear because I have a psychological disorder" thing.