September 08, 2005

Lisa: Freddy

Today I checked out a new workout video from the library for me and Sarah to do. To get her pumped up and excited about it, I started instant messaging her the copy from the back of the box. Obviously, I am not concerned about annoying her while she is at work.

Lisa: Urban Street Heat: dance fitness for beginners, with MaDonna Grimes
Lisa: More fun than a dance party!
Sarah: hee
Lisa: Hot moves you can take to the clubs!
Lisa: Hip Hop routines challenge every muscle!
Sarah: SWEET
Lisa: From the back: Who knew getting a full-body, cardio workout could be so much fun! Urban Street Heat is more like a dance party than an aerobics class. MaDonna Grimes makes working out fun in this fresh and funky Dance Fitness for Beginners program.
Sarah: It is... funky fresh?
Lisa: I KNOW
Lisa: presented in normal frame and anamorphic widescreen (seriously, because the cinematography on this WORKOUT VIDEO is awesome)
Lisa: dolby digital 5.1
Lisa: interactive full-motion menus
Lisa: bonus workout
Lisa: workout to music without narration
Lisa: chapter selections
Sarah: hee
Lisa: photo gallery
Lisa: trailers!
Lisa: wardrobe courtesy of freddy,
Sarah: Dude. That guy is WAY gross. Super slick.
Lisa: What guy?
Sarah: The guy on freddy's site.
Sarah: Dude. FREDDY?!
Lisa: Hee. Did you watch "the new freddy video"? I think you can watch it without sound no problem. Like, the sound isn't integral to the video.
Sarah: hee
Sarah: Um, no.
Lisa: it has that k-fed lookin guy
Sarah: ew
Lisa: But it has a bunch of Mao-lookalikes who he inspires to rip off their uniforms through his aerobic guidance!
Lisa: And some are girls! Shocking! And some of them are having FUN! There are others who do not approve and who do not rip off their uniforms. I don't know what their problem is, but they obviously have not discovered the fresh fun that is freddy.

Now YOU can discover it for yourself.

September 20, 2005

Lisa: California and IKEA

It's a good thing Mallory covered our trip to California, because Sarah and I have obviously lost the will to blog. I took a few lame-o pictures at the beginning of our trip, but that was it. Anyway, here they are:

From our first stop for gas, at a Chevron next to the Garden of Eatin'

Our super-glam hotel

Hollywood & Vine

Here's the lamp I bought for our dining room at IKEA!

Sarah and I installed it on Saturday, our super building day. We used it to replace this lamp

which will be for sale on eBay if anyone's interested.

On our super building day, we also finished assembling the workbench from hell (Blake's anniversary present)

and built Sarah's IKEA bed and coffee table.

September 24, 2005

Lisa: in Dante's ninth circle of Hell, the central of Lucifer's three mouths is reserved for Judas Iscariot

I have to come clean. I have shuffled the order of my Tivo season passes so that Bones has a higher priority than Gilmore Girls.

Let me explain why this is wrong. When two shows are on at the same time (as Bones and Gilmore Girls are), Tivo decides what to record based on the order of the shows in the season pass manager. Higher priority shows are recorded first, and then the Tivo might pick up reruns of the lower priority show if they're available and don't conflict with other season passes.

Basically, moving Bones up the priority list ensures it will be recorded at the expense of Gilmore Girls. But Gilmore Girls is supposed to be my beloved quality drama with excellent writing and acting, especially from Lauren Graham. I buy the DVD sets! I am an advocate for the show with non-believers! I have serious brand loyalty to Gilmore Girls. Furthermore, David Boreanaz is supposed to be my guilty pleasure. Plus his show is new and unproven (other than the fact that I liked the one episode I've watched so far).

The thing is that Gilmore Girls has been annoying and full of angst lately. Rory and the townies have grown menacing instead of lovable. I haven't even gotten up the energy to watch the season premiere yet. But...Bones...I watched it right away, and it was funny, and I actually found myself thinking that D-Bo's acting was good (in other words, I didn't think I was watching Angel)...

And it must be said: D-Bo looked smoking hot. Like, season two of Buffy hot. Not all bloated face and boufy hair, but lean and ripped with the cheekbones...and his shirt was tucked in. Plus, you know that Lauren Graham and Amy Sherman-Palladino are watching Bones.

Anyway, Tivo's opinion of me be damned! I'm going to go ahead and record the show I will actually enjoy watching, even if it is a guilty pleasure. I only wish I had had this epiphany earlier so I could have chosen So You Think You Can Dance over Lost reruns.

September 26, 2005

Lisa: Supernatural

My Tivo thoughtfully recorded for me the first two episodes of Supernatural, starring Jared Padalecki. In a selfless tribute to my beloved Gilmore Girls, I watched part of the pilot episode during lunch today. The promo spots I've seen on the WB weren't particularly informative, so I thought I'd do our readers a service and give a little overview of the show's premise.

Mr. Padalecki stars as Sam, one of two impossibly good-looking brothers (the other confusingly named Dean) whose mother was killed by some kind of supernatural ghostie/poltergiesty entity when they were very small. Their father raised them as supernatural-entity-fighting warriors, living on credit card scams and THEIR WITS. When Sam left this life of luxury for college, his father told him never to come back. A few years later, Dean comes to Sam (now a genius law school hopeful) to ask for help finding their father--who has disappeared on one of his ghost-hunting missions. They start retracing their father's steps, with the caveat that they have to be back by the next Monday morning for Sam's "law" "school" "interview."

Anyway, some pretty spooky special effects and horror-movie tactics were enjoyed by all (in this case, me). I'll let you know how the rest of the episode turns out.

Verdict: Suspended until further viewing.