October 04, 2008

Lisa: bittersweet

Today is my last day working for the library, at least for the near future. My feelings about this are so mixed, but I think excitement for the next phase of my life is winning out.

Thank you, thank you to Dawn for helping me find library science, to the University of North Texas for allowing me to earn an MLS without leaving Salt Lake (and Blake), and especially to the Salt Lake County Library System for hiring and training a brand new children's librarian (and for working around my pregnancy, delivery, and new motherhood for as long as they did). I consider this my career, and I'll be back, refocused and ready to work harder than ever in just a few years.

Thank you also to Concert Black, for making this change possible, and to my mom, whose vision, drive, and very hard work has made our little company run so well that instead of working on it "on the side," it can be my main job. I can hardly believe that I'll be writing myself a paycheck for filling those website orders from home.

Thank you most of all to my little Nora, for coming into my life so fortuitously. You have brightened it and made each day better in a way I could never have imagined. It has been hard for me to leave you every day (even with people who love you as much as Sir, Grandma, and your dad do) and I can't wait to be home with you to watch you changing and growing. I feel like I'm growing because of you, too. And of course, I'll be there to make sure you have on pants.

Phewf! Enough sappy stuff. See you all online.

October 13, 2008

Lisa: Tools of the Week

Contractor Series Mini-Roller

Meredith was not kidding, this little roller is a life-changer. It completely eliminates cutting in with a brush, and makes small areas a breeze. I'll never paint without one again.

HELMER Drawer Unit

By far the most impressively designed and packed piece of IKEA furniture I have ever purchased. A pleasure to build (yeah, I said it) and a handy little set of drawers, too.

October 16, 2008

Sarah: Ephemera

My love of typewriters runs true and deep. The latest addition to my growing typewriter collection (pictures to come soon) came in a case full of typewriter accessories.

Some of my impressive haul:

The manual for my new Royal Quiet De Luxe:

Typewriter Cleaner:

And a variety of type correcting paper:

This correcting paper came with an excellent special offer:

It's hard to read, but with enough coupons, a lovely typist could receive stockings, eyelashes, or even a pearl necklace. Amazing.

Maud of Paris, Idaho: I have your typewriter.

And your recipe for doughnuts.

A great addition to my collection, no?

Oh, and my new job is going great.

October 22, 2008

Lisa: clarification

Dear Everyone Ever,

Pro-Choice is NOT the same thing as Pro-Abortion. Protecting a woman's dominion over her own body is not synonymous with advocating or condoning baby murder.

Can this be the last time we ever talk about this?


October 28, 2008

Lisa: that's what they call a win-win-WIN

Before it becomes completely irrelevant, I should post these pictures from our VP debate party. Nothing goes with talking points and winking like nachos and Palin Bingo!

You can tell how much fun everyone's having by their eagerness to smile at the camera.