April 04, 2009

Sarah: Place settings

Dear Little Nora Bean,

While you and your mom were in China, your Dad missed you very much. During a cleaning spree, he set up a few play stations for you: a cooking spot, and a work station just like your mom's.

I think he might have missed you.

April 10, 2009

Lisa: Mmm! The invigorating scent of "you may have vomited recently!"

Dear Crest,

Congratulations on Vivid White--a triumph, really. One question, though. Instead of Invigorating Mint, don't you think you should just come right out and say wintergreen? Then the people who wish they could brush their teeth with Pepto Bismol would know right away which tube is for them.

Oh, and would you mind passing on a message to your friends at Secret? A squishy goo that is pushed up through a grate when you twist the base can't honestly be referred to as a Conditioning Solid, am I right? Let's try to stay away from outright lies in our product copy.


Sensitive Gag Reflex

April 16, 2009

Lisa: Ur jus jellus!

Sarah documented the majority of our Britney experience (and I'm sure she'll share many unflattering photos here), but I thought you might like a little preview:

If you don't recognize immediately that those shirts are made according to the tutorial featurette on the Crossroads DVD, then that is why I am here. TO OPEN YOUR EYES.

April 17, 2009

Lisa: Live Life to the Fullest

In October of 1992, my deepest aspirations apparently included:

1) Playing pieced-together sheet music on the flute
2) Graduating
3) Getting married
4) Wearing ill-fitting clothing

and let's not forget,

5) Becoming a tiger.

Ah, junior high school, with your ridiculous assignments and even more ridiculous students. We couldn't get to high school without you.

April 20, 2009

Lisa: I think this settles it once and for all.

As evidenced by this conversation, Blake and I have been arguing zombie apocalypse plans for years now. I can't even explain how gratified I was when I read that Mighty Girl's plan involves taking over a Costco too--not building a stupid walled compound. To my knowledge, Maggie has never been wrong before. Eat it, Babe!

If you like discussing zombies and the related contingency plans (which of course you do, because you are awesome like me) you might enjoy this article by Robert Brockway, brought to my attention by Dave T., who used to read this blog until we got boring. I laughed out loud four times, completely blowing my "I've just got to get this work done" cover story.

April 22, 2009

Sarah: Monks and Honey

If you've never made the drive to Huntsville, Utah, you really should. It's a quaint town, but there's not much to see besides a few pioneer era houses (cute) and cows (not cute smelling), but there is wonderful monastery.

The elderly monks (well, most of them are elderly) make and sell creamed honey that's deliciously flavored with hints of orange, almond, raspberry, or other flavors. I could eat it by the spoonful, but don't. Usually.

When Lisa, Nora, and company were China, E and I were left behind to make our own fun. Huntsville was the perfect distance from Salt Lake for a Saturday drive. We had lunch at a biker bar, where I sat beneath the gaping maw of an upsettingly large stuffed head of a beloved Saint Bernard (so awesome, yet terrifying). We found that, when faced with an uncomfortably quiet bar full of older men in black leather, it's best to put a dollar in the jukebox and play cheesy music. I think we made a few friends.

After lunch, we bought out the honey supply of that little monastery (they also sell religious items and will bless them or their customer if asked) and were back on the road.

And the drive home? Gorgeous.

April 23, 2009

Lisa: little bunny foo-foo

It's hard for me to believe that Nora is old enough to notice what holiday it is and if she gets a present or not--but this Easter I had to face the facts. Since Blake is pretty adamant that Nora not eat candy (and I'm not actively encouraging candy either), I wanted to make her something special that would take her mind off the lack of chocolate eggs.

This little bunny and her blanket are made from this mmmcrafts pattern, and are sewn from some of Nora's outgrown baby clothes. I used felt, embroidery floss, thread, and batting that I already had, so the only thing I had to buy was the pattern itself. My dad made the cradle for me when I was a baby, and my mom brought it up from Spring City so that I could pass it on to Nora. Tender, right? I mean, I'm pretty much the best mom ever, wouldn't you say?

Unfortunately, my gift was completely overshadowed by the gigantic pink plush Care Bear Nora's great-aunt bought her at a secondhand store. Nora tackled that thing and rolled around with it, giggling and giggling. Ah, well. Maybe this sleepy little homemade bunny will grow on her.

(Oh, and if you think that I copied Angie's wedding colors, then all I can say is thank goodness I have people with really good taste to mooch off of.)

April 24, 2009

Lisa: I know, it isn't Thursday

I think it's time...for some MAUDLIN PIX. (If you want to know more about this feature, you should ask Sarah, but she might be too busy over at her spiffy new blog to answer. Or you could take your cue from Andrea, who's been doing it better for longer.)

Here's one from the vaults. Obviously, part of what makes this photo so great is that it tells a story.

April 29, 2009

Sarah: Paper cuts

Remember when I started cutting up my belongings?

It was a very, very good idea.