March 07, 2010

Sarah: Job Update

I meant to tell you about my job a few weeks ago. But now it's a better story. Here goes:

My work made some cut-backs and my position was one of the casualties. It's the first time I've lost a job, and it's a crappy feeling. But I have stayed positive, knowing that something would come up. For last few weeks I've been helping out where I can, cleaning out my desk, and tying up loose ends.

Meanwhile, I've been looking for other jobs. I applied for many, interviewed for a few. And today I'm excited to tell you that I've accepted a job offer. So I'm moving on to something new. And this time? I plan to stick around for a while.

I always hesitate to talk about work online. So until I know how my employer feels about it, let me just say that I'll be working with letterpressed items.

So, have anything you want printed? Because I know some guys.

March 09, 2010

Lisa: Bridges

I should have known it was a bit ambitious to think I might blog every day of February, when I hadn't blogged at all for months. In the interest of keeping things going on the blog-front, and in honoring one of my favorite actors, Jeff Bridges, on his recent Oscar win, I bring you this:

Lisa: Tron: Legacy
Sarah: Yeah, it goes without saying that we'll be seeing that, right?
Lisa: Yes. It should. Although you did not make sure i saw Crazy Heart as instructed.
Sarah: Ha. YET.
Lisa: Also how could you not be awesome when your dad is this guy?
Samuel Harvey Graynamore
Sarah: Hee hee. Seriously. (Also, how did i not know that until now?)
Lisa: I just looked it up. It makes me just as happy as Keifer/Donald Sutherland.
Sarah: Hee. Seriously.
Lisa: Also he is the guy from the Airplane movies.
Sarah: I have never seen Airplane.
Lisa: Well, he is basically Leslie Nielsen, but wackier and less annoying?
Sarah: Hee. That's good.

Lisa: Bridges
Sarah: Who is squishy Bridges over there on the left? Because in that photo? Jeff is lookin feeeeeeine!
Lisa: Well there is a reason I like him, doy. And Beau Bridges. I think also an actor?
Sarah: Whoa, really? He usually doesn't look that squidgy. He usually looks like the love child of Jeff Bridges and John Ritter.
Lisa: Fencing on Fairfield
Sarah: Ha. That makes me uncomfortable.
Lisa: Hee. Peace & Love Beau Bridges has what i like to call an "eyebrow situation."
Sarah: hee

Lisa: Too bad Jeff Bridges and Val Kilmer aren't farther apart in age. They could have played a convincing father/son.
Sarah: hee
Lisa: Val Kilmer has become Bridgier than Jeff Bridges
Lisa: Hee. I know, right? Like, "why is Lisa sending me this unattractive and yet unsurprisingly run-of-the-mill photo of Jeff Bridges?"
Lisa: Oh no, Val: Val Kilmer Fat Whence Iceman??
Sarah: I did not need to see that. That was unpleasant.
Lisa: His abs were a national treasure. HE DID NOT PROTECT THEM AS HE SHOULD HAVE!

Lisa: Just saying. With great power comes great responsibility.

Lisa: Whoa: Fotos
Sarah: That was Jeff Bridges as the lead singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers and I was not prepared for that.
Lisa: Heeeeeee. Sorry.
Sarah: But also, nice onramps, Jeff.
Lisa: Right.

Lisa: This is my favorite Jeff Bridges: Full Jeff Bridges
Sarah: Hee. That is the Jeff Bridges equivalent of the Swingers Vince Vaughn.
Lisa: Well I like that Vince Vaughn, too.
Sarah: Exactly!

It's good for a girl to know her type.

March 10, 2010

Sarah: Clean out your desk

I'm pretty sure it's not only because I've been doing some cleaning out of desks lately, but I like this site:

Simple Desktops

I hope they add more options.

I feel the need to declutter. This will help.

Sarah: In Which Sarah Overreacts

Mom: before you read this, I do not use drugs. I will not use drugs. Okay, carry on.

Sarah: Are you sitting down? Corey Haim died. Dude, only 38. That is too young.
Lisa: Aw, sad!
Sarah: Yeah, plus his BFF Feldman shunned him for his last year or two of life! Let's never shun each other. Even if I do get into drugs.
Lisa: Even if you are a bad influence on my kid.
Sarah: I'M SORRY.
Lisa: Well if you didn't take 85 downers a day, that would help.
Sarah: So what you're saying is that you will shun me. And I will die alone. And cats will sneak into my (meth)house and eat my face.
Lisa: No, I am saying that you will be a bad influence, but I will still never shun you. Because of our love.

Well alright then.

March 19, 2010

Lisa: A Love Story

Seven years ago I admitted having a dream featuring both David Boreanaz/Angel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Four years ago I got an Angel action figure for my birthday and brought him to the Crown for some photo ops. Last year, Sarah bought me a vintage 1999 action figure of The Rock at Miah's wrestling match. So, you can see that this meeting was prophesied, long-awaited, and finally inevitable.

When Angel and The Rock ventured outside of their respective residences (possibly a holding cell and a cardboard box at the intersection of Jabroni Drive and Smackdown Hotel Boulevard) and found each other, the first instinct of each was to fight. Angel's heart really wasn't in it, though--much like the events of the episode his tiny plastic accessories are modeled after. Knowing it was a risky move, Angel dropped his knife and went in for a hug. But The Rock is only human, after all--his heart softened and he accepted the embrace. His trademark single quirked eyebrow might have led passers-by to believe his initial surprise was something more cynical, but deep inside The Rock knew his life would never be the same lonely road again.

Get the flash player here:

This is pretty much the best use of my new homemade light box I could think of. Sorry, everybody. Or maybe I should say YOU ARE WELCOME.

March 26, 2010

Lisa: you can't hide talent

My father, esteemed and eminently respectable attorney, doodled an imaginative interpretation of the hand of Robert Baden-Powell during church. Luckily, Sarah's sticky fingers did not allow this masterpiece to pass unnoticed into the wastepaper basket.

(Click to enlarge.)