Comments: Lisa: Wax On

1. Just about everything is more comfortably than a Gynecologist, that is not a good point of reference.
2. Beauty is pain???? So if i stick a sharp metal object repeatedly into my skin i will get prettier? So maybe there is a association, maybe so far as a correlation between pain and beauty, but definately not equality.
3. Sorry about the rant. Your eyebrow does look very nice. And if you are there Sarah? NO YOU CAN"T PLUCK MY EYEBROWS, they are exactly how i want them.

Posted by Young Jeffrey at January 3, 2007 10:14 PM

Jeff, I disagree with your two points. Laying on a table with a papery gown covering your crotch? Could be at the gyno or the waxer. Having a professional staring at your nether regions? Again, could be either situation. I thought her point of reference was valid.
Also, Lisa said "beauty is pain" in jest. It is a well-known saying. And she didn't say that pain is beauty. A statement like that doesn't imply equality. Just saying.

Posted by sarah at January 4, 2007 08:38 AM