Comments: Lisa: ouch.

I'm so glad you guys were okay. And I do so love the draw-ring of your re-creation of the accident. I wish they had a panel of six or so frames where they would ask you to make a comic strip out of your point of view of the events. And you'd have to draw balloons to write the conversation. Like the first panel could be you and Sarah driving with a balloon saying, "Well I think the flute's a better instrument to play." Then cut to the next frame and you both are screaming. The next frame would be the back end of the car ahead of you. Then the next frame is one of those POW! BANG! ZOWIE! poky pointy balloons used for sound effects. Well you get where I'm going here. Sorry about your nice car

Posted by Jeremy at June 7, 2007 09:07 AM

I'm SO sorry! I am glad you guys are safe and sound!

Posted by Andrea at June 7, 2007 09:41 AM

Oh my. I drove by this accident on my way home from work. It is such a small world. Hope everyone is ok.

Posted by tracifree at June 7, 2007 12:50 PM

Wow. I didn' tknow this happened! I'm glad you're okay!

I miss you guys, btw.

Posted by Kevin at June 7, 2007 11:15 PM