So this is what being a grownup is like...

I am a children's librarian. Make of that what you will. I love reading, starting craft projects, watching The Office, organizing other people's stuff, singing along with the car radio, and celebrity magazines. I hate surprises, mushrooms and olives, and people who try to patronize or boss me. I wear stiletto heels on principle, and I have the most beautiful baby girl in the world. She and I live in a little brick house with my turtle, Petunia, and the best husband and father ever. Blake is very understanding of my relationship with my TV boyfriend, Jim Halpert.


Wha' Happened?

I have a bachelors degree in English and work in marketing. I am single and live with my growing collection of small robots. I like reading, discussing zombie survival tactics, and all things paper. I dislike making decisions, Dr. Pepper, and being forced to realize that I may not end up in a loving and committed relationship to Jensen Ackles. I own five typewriters and want to open a store someday where I can share the things I love with strangers and friends.