April 04, 2003

Sarah: Roommates

So, it's my first year of college. Correct me if I am being unreasonable, but it seems to be a general rule among dorm inhabitants that sleeping until 9 o'clock is not only reasonable, but very normal. Unfortunately, I have the roommate of insanity. After returning from an early class, she bustled into the apartment, inquiring of a fellow roommate "She's STILL in bed, isn't she?" Before I am passed off as a slothful college freshman, a few additional details are required. I was not in bed, but was awake and getting ready for class. Also, the time of this incident was 8:00 am. EIGHT IN THE MORNING! If I had been in bed, which I wasn't, this would not be an obnoxious amount of sleep, nor would I be inconsiderate to expect an atmosphere in my bedroom conducive to sleep. I would just like confirmation that I was not the inconsiderate roommate in this particular instance. Also keep in mind that this roommate sees 8:00 am as an absurd time to be in bed because she prefers to do homework between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am, sleeping in the afternoon. Am I the dysfunctional one?

Posted by sarah at April 04, 2003 08:37 PM

Well, you are a little dysfunctional, but not because of the sleeping thing. Your roommate sounds like a crazy pinko nutjob to me.

Posted by: lisa on April 4, 2003 09:07 PM

your roommate is a complete hose beast I'm sure

Posted by: Twinkles9000 on April 6, 2003 01:04 AM
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