April 06, 2003

Sarah: Ben Folds - Rockin... MY WORLD!

Ben Folds' first solo album, Rockin the Suburbs, is quite excellent. A long time Ben Folds Five fan, my world was shattered when I heard that the band broke up. Ben was able to raise the spirits of many when he released a solo c.d., featuring himself on almost all instruments. Ben Folds is an amazing musician, particularly on the piano. I find it especially cool that he didn't begin training on the piano until he reached college. When you hear his acrobatic playing on Rockin the Suburbs and on Ben Folds Five albums, you too will be amazed. The new c.d. (actually now over a year old) features a variety of songs, from upbeat tempos to depressing lyrics. For hard core fans, be sure to note "Fred Jones Part Two," a continuation of the horribly sad life of Fred Jones, previously featured on BFF's album Whatever and Ever Amen in "Cigarette." Another tidbit, Ben's wife joins him on "Still Fighting It." Another note about Ben's wife, the last song on the c.d., "The Luckiest" is a song written by Ben for her. For this reason, along with his talent and sense of humor, I want Ben for my own.
But my unhealthy obsession with Ben Folds is not the point of this blog. Check him out. He will not disappoint you. If anyone has questions about other Ben Folds Five albums, I would be happy to answer them. I love them all, in their own way.

Posted by sarah at April 06, 2003 09:29 PM
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