April 09, 2003

Lisa: The Amazing Beeping Day Planner Thingie!

Ok, hereís a genius idea for an invention that I thought of a while ago but still canít get anyone to follow through on. This idea is copyright-free, so go ahead and make a million dollars! Please just send me a prototype as a thank you--I could really use one of these.

This item consists of two sensors. One sensor is embedded in a simple silver bracelet (or another item that you would be willing to wear every day). The other sensor would be secured inside a day planner, wallet or purse. Whenever the two sensors are more than 10 feet apart, they both start beeping.

The benefits of this system are twofold. The most obvious purpose (and the most helpful to me, personally) is to keep you from leaving your day planner somewhere. If you started to leave without it, the beeping bracelet would remind you to go back, and the beeping day planner would have your friend or waitress chasing after you with it. This system also serves as a theft deterrent. A purse snatcher is likely to drop his booty if it suddenly starts beeping loudly and calling attention to itself.

If you wanted to get really crazy, the beeping on the day planner could also be remotely activated by a button on the bracelet. It would work like the Ďhandset locatorí button on a cordless telephone, allowing you to page the day planner and then follow the beeping until you find it.

I know this is technologically possible; I just donít have the know-how. Letís get this baby into production!

Posted by lisa at April 09, 2003 08:38 AM

Pure genius. You should send this to Cockeyed.

Posted by: larf90 on April 9, 2003 08:42 AM
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