April 14, 2003

Lisa: Issues

Actual conversation conducted via instant messaging.

Sarah: Hee hee hee. Snoop. Funny, yo.
Lisa: I thought so too.
Sarah: By the way, did you like my latest evidence that mom is a complete crazy crazy?
Lisa: She's insane. Also, her message irritated me very much and kept me from falling asleep.
Sarah: Dude, it kept you up last night??
Lisa: It made me really mad for some reason, even though it didn't apply to me in any way.
Sarah: Yeah, it had a maddening effect on me too, but it didn't keep me up at night.
Lisa: “So, you'll be singing in choir with us, so you'll have to be in bed by 11. OK? Ok, great! See you then! Bye!”
Sarah: Yeah. Word.
Lisa: “Oh, and David can cram his CD player! He is getting a chocolate bunny or nothing!”
Sarah: Bwee.
Sarah: I don't think she meant that part like that.
Lisa: “And you will be getting treats that are sugar- and fat-free! Also, a toothbrush!”
Sarah: Hee hee hee.
Lisa: “We don't invite Lisa and Blake for Easter, because we don't want to intrude on their private egg hunt!”
Lisa: “Maybe we will invite them over if we have to, but they have to bring their own, pre-filled Easter baskets!”
Lisa: “Then we will look disapprovingly on any fattening items they include!”
Lisa: “Ok, great! See you there!”
Sarah: Hee hee. Dude, I thought I was the one with issues...
Lisa: Apparently not.
Sarah: hee

Posted by lisa at April 14, 2003 04:03 PM
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