June 03, 2003

Sarah: Mmm... Spam...

You know those ads at the top of your email inbox? I had one today that told me that I had won 50 lbs. of lobster. Lisa, however, won 50 lbs. of Omaha steak, that lucky vixen! So, I know that these are not actual prizes, but do you think there is a butcher or a chef somewhere that got the same prize announcement and stood up from his computer desk and cried "wooHOO" in Homer Simpson style? What other person would need 50 lbs. of any meat product at any one time?? I'd much rather get the free cordless phone. And what's with the "Omaha Steaks"? They really needed to specify WHAT KIND of steak it is? Also, do you have to go to Omaha to pick them up? Are they superior to steaks of a different origin? I've never heard someone at a restaraunt ask for Omaha steaks.
Guy: Can I get an Omaha steak, medium rare?
Waiter: I'm sorry, sir, we're currently out of Omaha steaks, but we have a lovely Tulsa steak.
Guy: Screw THAT, you commie scum!! A steak isn't a steak if it isn't an OMAHA steak!!
This will be one of my last blogs on internet trash. At least for a little while.

Posted by sarah at June 03, 2003 11:21 PM

It Omaha steaks aren't a "type" of steak, it's a brand, like Nike shoes, or Domino's pizza. Wether you call them by the name of the company producig them or not, they are still shoes or pizza (or steak). The people that sell the item want you to know who they are, so you don't buy the item from a different company next time. They add their name to the product so you know who's selling it. You don't imagine Nike would ever put out a shoe called the Nike Reebok now do you?

Posted by: Bob Smith on September 19, 2003 11:15 AM

SOMEBODY works for Omaha Steaks. Hey, tell your marketing department to stop sending out spam advertisements! And "www.you'reajerk.com" right back atcha!

Posted by: Lisa on September 19, 2003 12:11 PM
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