September 08, 2003

Lisa: You mean I might have to get a real job?

I have this fantasy. No, it's not about D-Bo, you sickos! Anyway, here it is (not that you asked):

A wealthy older woman in my neighborhood has spent the last ten years aquiring an extensive collection of high quality children’s picture books. I don’t know if the books were taking up too much room in her home or if the woman developed a social conscience, but she now wants to share the picture books with the community. She doesn’t want to donate them to the public library, because she wants the collection to stay together with her name on it. Also, the nearest city library is a ten-minute drive and she would like the children in her neighborhood to be within walking distance.

Since this woman knows that I am working on a degree in library science, she wants me to investigate what it would take to start a privately owned “public” library. Of course, I would be the librarian...

After that it just gets too personal.

Posted by lisa at September 08, 2003 04:48 PM
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