October 30, 2003

Sarah: So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Hello! I'm just a little happy with myself for finally getting around to changing my "favorite" sites to places that I might actually go to. In celebration, I'll tell you a little about some of the sites. Although heavy-laden with women, my favorite sites will prove that chicks can be really funny and generally rad. Anyway, on to the descriptions:
Loriloo: A blog that is very new to me, recommended from Maggie of Mighty Girl fame. Trust Maggie's taste. It's good.
Jenville: Also taken from Maggie. Check out her rants. Very funny.
Mimi Smartypants: Don't be intimidated by the length of Mimi's entries. They are laugh-out-loud-and-embarass-yourself-at-computer-labs funny. She hasn't posted lately, due to her being in China picking up her new baby. Be patient. She's worth the wait.
Mighty Girl: Good. Funny. Shorter than Mimi. Maggie just got married. I liked her wedding dress. I'm no stalker! She posted a picture, okay??
Emode: Their excessive pop-ups: Bad. Their quizzes: Strangely addicting. I can't help myself! My inner pop star is Pink! Help!
My Amazon Wishlist: You can buy me stuff. That'd be nice. I don't update this very often, though. I would if they sold Vespa scooters at Amazon.
Okay, sorry that was boring. You should check out Lisa's links. They're good too. I particularly recommend Defective Yeti.
Signing off.

Posted by sarah at October 30, 2003 09:20 PM
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