November 05, 2003

Sarah: Letter to Enya

Dear Enya,
Congratulations on your record sales and soothing chanting music. I have one small qualm with your lyrics. In some of your songs, like "Only Time" for example, you use a "dead" language of your own invention. What are your qualifications, I wonder, for a dead language? If a language must simply not exist in the current vernacular, then yours is perfectly legitimate. If, however, it had to exist as common language at some point in time, then your language does not fit this description. Personally, I am unsettled by the idea of individuals inventing languages and passing them off as those lost with the dying of some civilization. Although soothed by your music, should your fans continue to be duped in this way? I believe the time has come to liberate them from the cages of mistaken information and tell them this dirty secret. It is not a language at all, but peaceful noises. This language holds meaning only to you. Your fans will forgive you, and your career will not take a tragic turn. In fact, this could be a positive move for you. Perhaps sceptics like myself will appreciate your honesty and listen to your music for what it is, instead of despising it for what it is not. I trust you will make the right decision. Good luck in the future.

Posted by sarah at November 05, 2003 03:46 PM
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