December 30, 2003

Lisa: This means something

I had a very strange dream last night that combined all of the following elements except one. Ten points if you guess which freaky thing I didn't dream about.

  • A copy store with very tight security (including guards and roped-off queues) at which my father tried to make illicit copies using a homemade copy card
  • An old friend's soon-to-be ex-husband acting like a complete ponce
  • A karaoke diva who thought she was ALL THAT
  • An ominous portent involving a sheep who gave birth to twin lambs, one of which had ripped off the other's leg while still in the womb (The lamb with the ripped-off leg represented me.)
  • Gummy candy that got stuck in my teeth and then hardened, gluing my jaws together in an alarming way
  • After accidentally insulting my boyfriend Angel's attractiveness, I bit him on the shoulder to show I still thought he was hot. Angel was unimpressed. I finally made him feel better by taunting Spike in front of large audience. (I blame this and any future Angel dreams on the D-Bo cutout that Sarah gave me for Christmas.)

    Posted by lisa at December 30, 2003 09:53 AM
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    I'm betting you weren't the legless lamb. Am I right? Also, may I just say that, in regards to my gift to Lisa this Christmas, I ROCK!

    Posted by: Sarah on December 31, 2003 03:25 PM

    No on the legless lamb, yes on the rocking. However, we had some friends over last night, and someone thought that my precious D-Bo standee was Ted Danson from Cheers. Sacrilege!

    Posted by: Lisa on January 2, 2004 08:57 AM
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