January 21, 2004

Sarah: Britney Ain't Got Nothing On Me!

Instant Message Conversation with my friend/Lisa's co-worker G.

Sarah: So, how's your kid?
G: He's good. He's a dancing machine. I totally caught him dancing and watching his reflection in a glass door. He acted all sheepish when he saw me watching.
Sarah: Hee. That's so cute!!
G: He looked like I felt the time my dad walked in on me singing Madonna songs into my hairbrush.
Sarah: So, the story about him and your Madonna fiasco reminded me of when i was little. I would sing and dance around my bedroom, but didn't like anyone watching me. One time Lisa and our brother Dave snuck up on me doing my artistic rendition of the original work "Please, Mom and Dad, don't get a divoooorce..." Don't know why. The marriage wasn't on the rocks or anything...
G: Hee! I think kids just worry about that stuff for some reason.

Posted by sarah at January 21, 2004 02:52 PM
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