March 17, 2004

Lisa: wack

Question: is it "wack" or "whack" that Angel was seen getting a spray-on tan at a strip mall on L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard?


NOUN: Slang A person regarded as eccentric.
ADJECTIVE: Inflected forms: wack·er, wack·est
Very bad: walked out of a really wack movie.
ETYMOLOGY: Back-formation from wacky.

(Courtesy The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Check out the pronunciation guide recording of the extreme white girl.)

Answer: "Wack" seems to be the generally accepted spelling. However, "wacky" is probably derived from the phrase "out of whack", so there's a case for "whack" being an alternate spelling of "wack." Since it's a slang term, I think the spelling is probably pretty flexible, but when writing a note to my peeps in the hizzouse, I for one will eschew the 'H'.

Posted by lisa at March 17, 2004 11:27 AM
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