April 27, 2004

Lisa: But officer, we were following the scientific method!

A few months ago David, Blake, and I served as judges for a local school district's science fair. The simple truth is that we got jealous. WE wanted to do a science fair project, too! Besides, we were confident that three adults with a combined 12+ years of post-secondary education would be able to show those seventh graders how it's done. Anyway, it's taken us a while to come up with a decent topic. Around Easter time, we seriously considered trying to determine how to make the strongest-shelled boiled eggs, in order to always win in egg fights. (The sacred egg fight tradition is an entry unto itself, and will be discussed no more at this time.) Unfortunately, the cost of the thousands of eggs necessary to make our experiment scientifically sound became prohibitive.

Today David sent me this link to a series of pictures drawn by an artist at various stages of an LSD trip. Not only are these drawings and the associated commentary fascinating in their own right, but they are also serving as preliminary research for our new experiment. Don't worry, we're not planning to document the effects of LSD (Hi, Mom and Dad!); we're thinking of something less illegal. Something more along the lines of "The Mind-Altering Effects of Sleep Deprivation."

Look out, science-loving thirteen-year-olds! You won't know what hit you.

Posted by lisa at April 27, 2004 11:38 AM


sleep deprivation is quite like LSD. Tiring, halucinatory and the effects wear off after a few days of healthy eating and sleep.*

The visuals in an LSD trip are more intersting by far though...

And, kids, remember that LSD is related to the ergot disasters of the middle ages.

*) Unless you happen to go crazy of course.

Posted by: Harold Bakker on April 27, 2004 03:12 PM
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