May 06, 2004

Lisa: CuteDean. Accept no substitutes!

Lisa: I JUST GOT MY GILMORE GIRLS DVDS!!!!!! I am so bringing them to California.
Sarah: WOOOHOOOO!!! Dude, do it.
Lisa: We can totally watch the whole season in a week.
Sarah: And if Blake and Dave are being boring in the car...
Sarah: Are you SOOO excited?
Lisa: I AM SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!! Best show EVER! At least, Season 1 was.
Sarah: Yeah, they talk so fast! And are so funny! And cute! And i've never seen Season 1, so i'm psyched.
Lisa: And they were so much funnier and cuter in Season 1.
Lisa: And there is CuteDean!!!
Sarah: hee
Sarah: Yeah, I never saw Dean when he was cute. Only when he was a punkass with a new girlfriend who was TOTALLY not as cool as Rory.
Lisa: Yeah. You will love him. Every girl should have a Dean as a first boyfriend. He makes guys want to be better men.
Sarah: hee hee
Lisa: How was your date?
Sarah: It was fun.
Lisa: Did you talk to David when you got home?
Sarah: No. Why?
Lisa: We were instant messaging around midnight. David thinks Armando wanted some booty. In fact, i think his exact words were "methinks he wants some booty."
Sarah: hee
Lisa: So...was he right?
Sarah: Hee. Um...damn straight!!!
Lisa: With the wanting of the booty?
Sarah: I dunno. He likes me, i think.
Lisa: Of course he does!
Sarah: So, why did Dave think that?
Lisa: Maybe because his name is Armaaaando. And he picked you up on the side of the road and got your number.
Sarah: Hee. Well, it wasn't QUITE like that...
Lisa: ROOOOOOxanne
Lisa: you don't have to put on the red light
Lisa: walk the streets for MOOONey
Lisa: you don't care if it's wrong
Lisa: or if it is right
Lisa: Hee. Just indulging in a little mid-morning Sting (Moulin Rouge remix)
Sarah: Hee. You have problems.
Lisa: yars
Sarah: So, maybe he likes me for my brilliant mind!
Lisa: Maybe he feels it's his duty to please that booty. (tm Shaft)
Sarah: Wha...? You lost me.
Lisa: Sarah: so, maybe he likes me for my brilliant mind!
Lisa: maybe he feels it's his duty to please that booty
Sarah: Why did you just copy the conversation that we had TWO SECONDS AGO??
Lisa: Because you said you were lost.
Sarah: Lisa: (tm Shaft)
Sarah: I do not know what that was supposed to mean.
Lisa: He's the black private dick who's the sex machine to all the chicks. Can you dig it?
Sarah: Hee. Well, i know who Shaft is...
Lisa: Shaft said "it's my duty to please that booty." I was just giving him proper credit.
Sarah: I see. Hee.
Lisa: Armaaaando doesn't read our site, does he? So i can post something about him?
Sarah: Dude, he's commented on our site before. So yeah, he does. But he keeps wanting to be written about, so go ahead.
Sarah: Also, are you going to continue to say his name "Armaaaando"?
Lisa: It is decidedly so.

Posted by lisa at May 06, 2004 12:52 PM

Not to be overally technical, but it isn't Armaaaando. Maybe if a goat was saying it. It's more like Arrrrmando. Roll the "r" with lots of Bull Fighter Machismo. And I got my first blog mention! Whoo-hoo! I'm that much closer to being set on fire.

Posted by: Armando on May 7, 2004 04:00 AM

Felicitaciones! Por fin la novia te menciona. Good luck with the booty.

You need to get your unemployed booty up here to visit the PineView-to-Forest Gate transplants! Enough said.

Posted by: Former Neighbor Ryan on May 10, 2004 01:08 PM
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