August 30, 2004

Lisa: Family and Coke--no better combination.

Last Friday, David, Jeff and I drove up to Logan to help Sarah get installed in her new apartment for the upcoming school year. I just have to say that all of my siblings are awesome. We had tons of fun on the drive up there, with a more than a little bit of Coca-cola-induced hysterical giggling (thank goodness for the McDonalds in Centerville and its 59-cent 44-oz. drinks!). We managed to build Sarah's IKEA desk and chair while we were up there, but not much else.

Here are some photos from the drive, when I started rooting around in my purse for things to play with and found my camera:

Sarah, I will miss you tons. I hope you will still come down and hang out with me sometimes! And on the plus side, maybe you will remember our lowly blog and post a few entries once in a while...

Posted by lisa at August 30, 2004 10:32 AM
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