October 14, 2004

Sarah: I'll never tell...

It's crazy to think that this week was midterms. I still feel like I just barely got to school. My mind has been filled with thoughts of craftiness. I've been working on a table that I bought from Deseret Industries for $5, painting and mosaic-ing and the like. Pictures will appear as soon as I get around to stealing my roommate's digital camera. I'm also making Christmas gifts this year. I have a couple different projects, and I'm SO EXCITED! I can't say what they are, since Lisa, if no one else, would find out what they were getting. Some hints are that the gifts involve the fabric store, I've stolen my mom's sewing machine, and I will have to find an iron and ironing board from somewhere to complete them. They're also gender specific. That is to say, the girls will recieve something different from what I will be giving the boys. Wish I could tell you more! I know this seems early, but it takes a long time to make gifts! Cut me some slack! To those critics out there, worried that they will be recieving "Quaker presents," you couldn't be more wrong. These gifts are hip! and original! and made with love! and hip!! I promise they'll be good. Right after Christmas, I'll have pictures and details for the website. So, I guess this post is mostly to say "Even though I'm not actually telling you anything, there are cohesive thoughts going on in my brain... Maybe." Get excited, family and friends.

As an added bonus, I have links today also:
While searching the internet for crafty gifty supplies, I came across this rad site. I especially like the flower.

Mighty Girl, who is one of my favorite bloggers (see my favorite sites), has started a shopping site. Very nice. Thanks Margaret!

Posted by sarah at October 14, 2004 04:44 PM

I like the transfer of the "foxy amputee" on that first site.

Posted by: lisa on October 14, 2004 09:53 PM
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