November 04, 2004

Lisa: another question for the Mac gurus

Sending out another SOS signal to you geniuses...

OK, so I have a Powerbook with an Airport card and a PC that is connected to a printer via USB and to a modem (with wireless capabilities) via ethernet cable. I want to be able to print from the Powerbook to the printer that is attached to the PC. Also, just to complicate things, I also have Virtual PC installed on the Powerbook so that I can run the PC version of Quickbooks, and I need to be able to print reports from Quickbooks within Virtual PC. Also, being able to wirelessly share files between the Powerbook and the PC would be nice. I know all of this is possible, but I can't seem to make it work!

Update: I followed these awesome instructions and got everything set up the way it is supposed to go. Unfortunately, things still aren't working because I purchased a printer that may be incompatible with networked macs. It works fine with networked PCs or with macs that are directly plugged into the printer via USB. Argh! To make matters worse, I have the same printer at home and at my office at my parents' house, so if I really can't get it to work, I am screwed twice. Curse you, Unsupported Personality error!

Update #2: SUCCESS!!! I downloaded gimp-print and as per these instructions chose HP LaserJet 5 as my printer and gimp-print as my driver. Thank you, internet!

Posted by lisa at November 04, 2004 12:57 PM
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