November 12, 2004

Lisa: I'm sure God likes Red Vines, too

More members have been inducted into the awesome Girls Bike Club. I'm not linking the entry I quoted from below, because I think it's important to start reading at the beginning. Oh, and Sars rocks.

Wing Chun: But doesn't Jesus have better things to do?
Sarah: You'd think so. Then you'd look at the election results.
Wing Chun: That's kind of what I mean. He seems pretty busy hating gays these days.
Sarah: Oh, we can't blame Jesus for that. I bet he's under the bed totally mortified that people are using his name to pull this shit down here. "I died for this? Gah!"
Wing Chun: And God is tapping at his bedroom door all, "Jesus? Honey? Are you okay in there? I heated up some Bagel Bites, do you want some?"
Sarah: "They're pepperoni, your favorite. Jesus?"
Wing Chun: Aw. Our God is a snacky God.
Sarah: That's what I choose to believe.

Posted by lisa at November 12, 2004 01:04 PM
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