November 30, 2004

Sarah: Santa Baby...

I love our Christmas traditions in our family. Each year, we write letters to Santa, telling him how great he is and kindly requesting a few gifts. In a family of clever people, I get to listen to all of their hilarious letters (complete with my Dad's requisite "You sure are lucky to have such a good-looking wife...") while they are read aloud. After we write the letters, they are each, in turn, burned to ashes in an aluminum tin on our porch. This way, the smoke can reach the North Pole and Santa can get our messages. It's a highly scientific method, and costs less postage than sending letters by mail. The only problem with this method is that sometimes the finer details are lost in the smoke-transporting process. An example of this would be when I recieved a bubblegum pop c.d. that had a similar title to the artsy c.d. I requested. Maybe that part of the letter was not burnt thoroughly. To assist Santa, who I'm sure reads weblogs to determine who's naughty and nice (Lisa's sworn more times on this site than me, Santa!!), I'll compile a list of Christmas wishes so that he can reference it if necessary.

Practical items:

  • clothing, specifically new pinstripe pants, jeans, dress socks, nylons, t-shirts, and brown boots
  • cash or gift certificates
  • AirPort card for my PowerBook G4
  • sewing machine
  • a cute brown, khaki or tan purse
    Luxury and/or Unrealistic items:
  • anything on my Fred Flare wishlist (link to the left)
  • DVDs, specifically the Garden State dvd
  • CDs, with an emphasis on Maybe This Christmas, Maybe This Christmas Too, and Maybe This Christmas Tree
  • iPOD
  • digital camera
  • an elliptical machine for my very own
  • the entire inventory of IKEA

    I don't think I'm asking too much, am I? You'll notice that the luxury items are also "unrealistic." I'm not expecting any of these gifts. They're just there to remind me of my monetary aspirations. I hope to some day acquire a lot of shiny things.

    Posted by sarah at November 30, 2004 12:27 AM
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    I would like to add that my wishlist is a good place to look for presents for me, too! (And why doesn't David have a wishlist? I can never remember the bands he likes.)

    Posted by: lisa on November 30, 2004 09:26 AM

    P.S. I think you'll agree that if Santa bases "good" on who blogs the most regularly, I have it in the bag. Yeah, I said it!

    Posted by: lisa on November 30, 2004 10:53 AM

    Oh, those are fightin words. BRING IT!

    Posted by: Sarah on November 30, 2004 11:05 AM
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