July 23, 2005

Lisa: UK trip, day 9

On Sunday morning we woke up, had breakfast at the hostel, and got back on the bus. Our first stop was the Sligachan River. Frazer told us a legend, the upshot of which was that if you stuck your face in the river and held it there for five seconds, you would have eternal youth and beauty. Blake did it!

After a bit more driving, we stopped for a walk in the Black Cuillin Mountains, up to some "fairy pools" above a waterfall.

(There's Blake in the poncho he insisted on bringing.)

Blake and Frazer were the only ones to strip to their swimsuits and jump in, and Blake said the water was freezing!

After our hike, we drove past Dunvegan Castle, which is still the seat of the Clan Macleod.

We stopped for lunch in the town of Portree, which is a fishing village with a beautiful natural port.

While Blake and Molly were in a café having lunch, I sat in the courtyard to eat the sandwiches I had packed at breakfast and then walked around and went into some shops. I found a store that sold some really cool clothing batik-printed with Celtic designs, and I bought a skirt there.

Our next stop after Portree was for another hike, this time up to the Old Man of Storr, a rock formation on the side of a mountain. It was a VERY steep hike, but not too long, and getting to the top was worth it. We had a beautiful view of the coast and of the ocean on two sides.

(I did not style my hair like that on purpose. I swear.)

(me and Blake again)

Our last stop on Sunday was at Quiraing, a lookout point at the top of a very windy and narrow road. There were tons of sheep around, which meant (as always) looking out for sheep-poop land mines.

I should mention also that all over the Isle of Skye we saw the long-haired orange Highland cattle, or "hairy coos," as Frazer called them. Legend has it that touching the horns has a Viagra-like effect. Blake loved the hairy coos (not for their libido-enhancing properties), and has been singing little songs about them ever since.

After that last hike, everyone was pretty tired and we headed back to Kyleakin for dinner and an early night.


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