October 18, 2005

Lisa: Obviously, I didn't win Blake over with my extensive sports knowledge.

Lisa: So, I was watching an Angel episode with Molly, and Lilah was all "4th and something blah blah what do you do?" and someone else was all "punt." And I was like "I don't get these baseball references."
Mallory: lol
Lisa: And Molly looked at me like I was the biggest idiot. "You mean...football?"
Mallory: Hey, at least you knew it was a sport comment.
Lisa: Yeah. I had to shrug, all "Whatever. Sports!"
Lisa: I guess I was confusing punt with bunt, which is really stupid, I know. I DO know the difference.
Lisa: Punt = kick, right?
Lisa: yeah
Lisa: And bunting is when you hold the bat out funny instead of swinging at the ball. Right?
Mallory: lol. Yup.
Lisa: See, I am not SO much of an idiot.
Lisa: And I know that 4th and whatever is like 4th down and however many yards to go. But there could also be a 4th ... inning?
Mallory: Yeah. There can be a million innings if nobody scores. But there are usually 8 or 9.
Lisa: right
Lisa: See, I totally knew that.
Mallory: It depends on the home team and if they've scored or some weird rule. One summer my friend Cynthia and I decided to learn all we could about sports so we could go to sporting events and meet guys.
Lisa: Hee. How did that work out for you?
Mallory: We learned a lot about sports...but didn't meet very many guys. We were mostly like "Hee, we know football!" And the guys were like "ughsa;dkdfj," which is code for meat heads.
Lisa: Lots of grunting?
Mallory: Exactly, so we were like EW YOU'RE GROSS and went away.

Posted by lisa at October 18, 2005 11:29 AM

I always feel so special when I'm mentioned on the blog. So I don't know if what I said about the home team blah blah and baseball is true.. I think it is.. but I could be wrong. People everywhere now think I know nothing of sports. Oh well C'est la vie :)

Posted by: Cho Chi on October 19, 2005 09:19 AM
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