November 17, 2005

Sarah: And by "any time" I mean...

Armando has a fairly new job. He fills job positions with compatible employees. Or rather, that's what he tries to do. In real life, after speaking with a prospective employee, he sends me emails that say the following:

Typical work convo:

Guy: I need a job
Armando: When can you work?
Guy: Whenever
Armando: Can you work tonight?
Guy: No?
Armando: So when can you work?
Guy: mon-fri, anytime.
Armando: Anytime? So can you work tonight?
Guy: No
Armando: Any reason why?
Guy: Just can't.

Armando, although you may be frustrated, these experiences never cease to amuse me.

Posted by sarah at November 17, 2005 04:21 PM
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