December 09, 2005

Lisa: Pre-training, Day 2

WHAT: 30 minutes of walking in the freezing cold

WHEN: At six am, when I might mention it is extremely cold. I think I need to get some fleecy pants to wear over my running pants. Like a coat for my legs.

WHO: Lisa, Sarah, and Jessie (Yay! I was not alone! Jessie was on time, and luckily Sarah was sleeping at my house so I could wake her up and force her to come with us.)

WHERE: The neighborhood around my house, where the streets are quiet, flat, and relatively well-lit. Good for short distance walks/runs, but the area is probably too small for longer-distance sessions.

131 lbs, 32% body fat

Posted by lisa at December 09, 2005 09:52 AM

For the record, I was not sleeping in on purpose. Your spare bedroom induces the death sleep when I'm in there. And I never implied that I didn't want to go with you guys.
P.S. Good job on the weight/fat loss! I'm so jealous.

Posted by: sarah on December 9, 2005 10:35 AM
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